Obiekty AWF w Krakowie - do wynajęcia

 We have 6 auditory rooms. Two of them (B and C) are located in the main building and can accommodate 159 persons each. The other 4 are situated in the building of Gymnastics Hall (H, I, K, L) and possess 95 seats each. The rooms are equipped with a central-steered lighting system and window curtains. In rooms H, I, K, L the screens and whiteboards are automatically steered.

Auditory rooms are suitable for training and smaller conferences and during bigger events are used for thematic sessions or working parties.

 Spacious halls which directly adjoin the auditory rooms have many times served as a reception place, an exhibit hall and a poster session location or catering spot. We are also able to install an additional sound system, audio visual and projection equipment and Internet connection.