Obiekty AWF w Krakowie - do wynajęcia

Multi-functional sports hall Dimensions:

  • Parquet floor of 1300 m²
  • 540 seats
  • Possibility of 1500 additional seats
  • Sports arena of 44m x 29,5m x 8,5m

The multi-functional sports hall is situated among the buildings of The Academy of Physical Education. We have convenient access by public transport and coaches as well as by your own car. You can leave your car in one of our car parks (including guarded one).The sports hall possesses a modern technical infrastructure including 6 locker rooms with showers and toilets, 2 referees rooms and 3 seminar rooms. In the hall there are locker rooms with toilets for public and a lunch bar.The hall also has 2 saunas (for 4 and 6 persons) with showers, toilets and a lounge.The sports hall possesses a full-scale handball pitch, 3 volleyball and basketball pitches. The pitches are divided by curtains stretching from the ceiling to the floor.The stairs, combining the sports arena with auditorium, can be installed during big events.

The multi-functional sports hall have been already used for:

  • The Women’s Handball European Cup
  • The Fencing European and Polish Championships
  • The Wrestling World and European Championships
  • The European Masters Handball Championships for Men and Women
  • The Polish Gymnastics Championships
  • The European Futsal Cup
  • Political meetings
  • National and international conferences and congresses